Winter Wonderland

Snowmobing in Maine


I love snow. I love climbing mountains. I love snowmobiling. 

It was “Bittersweet Life”!  I was the youngest & only girl with three older "out-of-control brothers”. My father worked on the ocean and my mom worked in a fish factory.  When I was 6, my dad bought this 100 year old log cabin on a lake here in Maine. It had no power or bathroom. It set looking out at seven mountain we name Monday-Sunday. It set looking out at the south skies. We got to see the sun come up with its most beautiful way of saying, “Good Morning” and then it would be, “On Firer” as the day ended. At “Home” we would work on the ocean. My fondest memory would be, having my head down while my father row out to the big boat. I love watching the ocean floor to see if I could catch a glimpse of anything.


This is what maine is all about


In 1900's 700,000 people in Maine Now it's 1,336,000

I recall the stories told "how Maine really was".