Living with Blood Clot Damage

Blood Clots in the IVC Vein

Medical Links to help understand the damage of blood clots. The symptoms and complication obstruction. Inferior Vena Caval (IVC Vein) Thrombosis (Blood Clot) caused by a IVC Greenfield Filter, (this is what caused me to clot “up half of my body”). May-Thurner syndrome (MTS), also known as the iliac vein compression syndrome, is a rare condition in which compression of the common venous veins. 


Baby steps! Don't become overwhelmed. Find a happy place. Outdoors or reading a good book or being with someone who cares. My place is being outdoors with my camera. It took over seven years to overcome my darkness. I failed at being a daughter. I was a failure as a mother. I had to face god and say I will make it to the end like we all supposed to do. I had to expect that I failed and there is nothing I can do about it. I needed to paint a picture of my life with lots of color. It doesn't take money to change. I still have a old broken camera my looks and I am still facing more challenges ahead that is so overwhelming that I just can't handle them right now!

Overcome anxieties powerful steps you can take



I was coming out of "Baxter State Park" in "Maine" after a week of hiking in the park. If you look close you will see a moose.

Day Trip


There are lots of water fall in Maine. Some you can see right from your car. One of my favorite things to do is county rides, on dirt roads that lead to nowhere



"Gulf Hagas" in the "State of Maine"

River Crosing


When thinking about over night hiking, go to "L.L. Bean" and get fitted with the right backpack for yourself and the trip you will be exploring.

Big Rock


No shoes  

Heavy Load


SPIRITS Rays of light lay over the landscape.  The sun warmth your soul.  As you cast your eyes through the rays and it cast down upon your soul.  You are giving wings to fly.  Your soul sails off into the hands of time to be brought down, to be reborn. Tina