L.L.Bean Tobboggan

When I was a little girl my family would go up to our camp deep in the woods in Maine. My father used a toboggan like this to pack our gear on and we all would snowshoe down a long snowy road to get to our "old log cabin".

This is a 1990 tobbogan used in the U.S. National Toboggan Championships


Death came and went. I was giving wing to fly... 

1990 No insurance or Doctor. My second pregnancy.  HELLP Syndrome is a rare and treated, “by taking the baby early”.  My case made the books because I went through the first pregnancy “with-out” issues and this is “unheard-of”. I was rush to a Medical Center here in Maine with the worst case in the books! I was told that my baby & I are in the books for being the sickest “with-out” dieing.  I was released “with-out” any care. I was sent home, and after a week I went into Pulmonary stress with both lungs full of bloodclots and Pulmonary Hypertension. 

I lost 5yrs of my life. 

I could not take care of my children.