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LL Bean Camping Gear, LL Bean Fishing Gear

This is the spot I pick to spend the night. A rock, at the top peak looking at the sunset in the middle of a lake in "Maine". We used a L.L. Bean "Bug Tent", and my fishing gear came from L.L. Bean .  I will be adding a blog with camping adventures and photos. It doesn't take money to pitch a tent with your family or yourself. It brings new life to your soul.



Soak in Epsom Salt heals wounds

Epsom Salt helps with swelling and wound healing. Soak in a warm/hot bath using epsom salt. You can use a bucket and a wash cloth and soak wounds. I have Lymphedema but I never develop skin sores because I soak in Epsom Salt and took all “table salt” out of my diet which means I can’t have any can foods, crackers, ready box mix foods or ready made foods. Eating the right foods can help heal you and give you good skin & hair. You can soak with Epsom Salt 3 times a day, everyday till your wounds heal. Then soak once a week. Keep in mind - You need to heal yourself from the inside first.

Hole in Your Heart Atrial Septal Defect (ASD)

In 1996 I went under the knife for PTE Surgery(Patient #972). They found that I had a hole in my heart. Mine was caused by Pulmonary Hypertension. Just like water pressure expect your blood will build pressure in your pulmonary artery and mother nature makes a way for the pressure to be relieved.

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