Family time is so important now-a-days. Getting your kids out doors and away from "Addiction" from the world we live in!


Side-by-Side Utility Vehicles

Maine has it all. Our lake-side living brings adventure. Not just land sports. Water sports too! Water sking to kneeboarding, Boating & Fishing or just spending time around the camp fire.



This is me! Not the best best picture. Maine summers are short but I love being on my motorcycle, (by my self) on the back roads in Maine. I had to give this up. My legs go dead on me and I can't place my feet down to hold the bike in place. I started riding at 10yrs old. Miss it alot...

Being Disabled

Snowmobile set-up for a disabled man


For me, riding a snowmobile is earier then being in a car. Stents inside half off my body when sitting, cuts off my blood flow to my leg. My snowmobile seat does not put pressure under my leg. I also can stand up when riding. 

Paralyzed or Bloodclot damage - what would you do

What does it really mean? To some, its all about taking advantage and getting a free ride.  But what about a case like mine. I do not have a name for my condition.  Are we suppose to live our life in a slum city. Are we support to not be able to be happy and be able to explore.  Even I am judgmental.

I am a born U.S.A. Mainer. I should come first in this country. I should not had to go to the Maine State House and plead my case. I had to stand in front of people there and beg for my life because I could not pay for a operation I needed. I had two little babies that needed me. I am USA Born!

I am sorry but this is my Country and I believe in its Flag. I believe in everything that was and now being taking away because of others come in with their beliefs and want to be heard!  I am the one who paid your price! I lost everything - my marriage, my children, my home and my life as I knew it.