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Pulmonary Hypertension (PH)

The best way to describe PH and its symptomes - I was invited to a exersizing class with a girlfriend Just minutes into exersizing my heart rate went up so fast. My pulse in my neck was beating so fast that it could not be taken. I was holding on, "not wanting to pass out"! 

My Point of View  

PH should only be diagnosed if heart rate rises in moments of a normal activity" or at rest" Pulmonary Angiography is the only true way to measures the pressure inside the pulmonary arteries. PH was unknown to the medical field. Three ladies in 1990 got together and went to congress to make awareness of this rare condition. 

I was diagnosed in 1993. Then in the late 1990's- 2000 a diet drug casued PH and then physican's was diagnosing patient that had "shortness of breath" with Pulmonary Hypertension. Becuase of this there is no true way to knowing how many patients truly have this condition.

Gulf Hagas


Maine Grand Canyon

I love this place. We would take in a flotty mattress, lunch and when we hike to the end.  We would have lunch and then blow up the mattress and go for a swim.

Maine Appalachian Trail

Make sure you go up one end and then the next time take the trail the other way. That way you get to see it two ways.

Screw Auger Falls

Wet season's are the best for water falls. When the season is dry there is not much to look at.

Gulf Hagas Maine Grand Canyon




I found my own way to “San Diego”! I been through so much and with no one helping me. I finely though that I was in good hand of the best medical people. It was  “BITTER-SWEET”.  I found out at this point that my left Pulmonary Artery was block. My Pulmonary Hypertension was almost gone which was unheard of, if your not treated. I was told that I could go without the operation only because there was a change something could go wrong.  In order to have the clot remove they needed to place a IVC Filter in me. You could say that I saw my future and stood my ground! I did not want this thing put in my vein and left there for life!  It’s a long story and I went through the operation. They removed the blockage and repaired a hole in my heart.  I left with “high-hopes” I would be able to live! To be normal! To breath in life and walk-walk away from all the “Pain-and-Sorrow” that I been hiding.

 Note: I did not want this filter place inside of me! I would of rather had blood clot go into my lungs instead of blocking half of my body and losing my life.